What is the standard lease agreement term?
How long do you want someone to guarantee that payments will come in from your property each month? Since you have no idea how long the downturn in the real estate market will last, we are certain you want to make sure you are protected while it lasts.

What if the tenant does not pay rent?
Our screening systems are so good that this is rarely a problem. In almost three years in the business, we always anticipate it, so we see to it that we have their Post-Dated-Checks, and if ever they bounced, it is stated in the contract that if the tenant failed to pay he/she has to vacate the unit.

What if the tenant tears up my unit?
Our tenant selection process is so thorough that we rarely have a problem of any kind with our tenants. Each tenant puts up a two (2) month security deposit. (it is our SOP) If they damaged the property in any way, it will be deducted on their security deposit and that money is used to repair the property. We have the best contractors who work at the most affordable prices. If repairs are needed, we will make all the arrangements.

I don’t want to get phone calls from a tenant every week!
The only tenant you’ll ever have to deal with is the associate you work with and that is us, and we are professional, it is our job to take care of any needs the tenant has so you don’t have to. The tenant living in the property will never know who you are or have any of your contact information. As far as they are concerned, we are the landlord and they will direct any phone calls to us, not you.

What if I want out of the lease?
If there is a sub-tenant in the property, it will be difficult and costly for us to break a lease with them, so we have to wait until their contract ends, and we will ask you a formal letter of cancellation of your exclusive authority to lease.

What if I decided I want to move back in to my unit?
We work with many homeowners who need to move out of the area for a few years and eventually plan to move back to their home. Meanwhile, they can sleep at night knowing that we are taking care of their property. At the end of the lease term, you can move back in with no problems.



Are there any additional fees for using the pool or gym area?
No.  The association dues that you pay covers the use of amenities as well as the security.

Can I rent the unit for less than 30 days?
Yes.  But we charge you double the standard price.
Do I have any choice in the furniture of a furnished unit?
No.  Individual unit owner has already selected the furniture for the unit you will occupy. All units are rented as is.

Does the utilities included in my monthly rent?
No.  Water and electricity is extra and is metered and depends on your usage.

What do my association dues cover?
The monthly fee generally covers common area maintenance, common area insurance, a reserve for replacement (for  future repairs to the common areas), trash removal, and sewer.  Be aware that common amenities, especially pools, often add to the fees.

Do any of your units provide DSL or any other type of access to the internet?
Synergy does not provide any type of access to the internet but individual could apply for it.

Do your units include phone service?
Oriental Garden does not provide phone service.  You must establish service with the local phone company.

Can I affix a satellite dish?
No. Oriental Garden discourages the installation of any exterior equipment.

Is parking available? Is there an extra cost for parking?
There is plenty of parking available for all of the tenants.  Parking is available for an additional charge.

How much money do I need to move in?
You will need to pay your complete two months security deposit, three months advance (negotiable) and Post-Dated-Checks for the following months.

Where do I pay my rent?
Payments must be paid to Synergy Office only.

Do you accept credit cards?
No.  Synergy does not accept credit cards.

Can I have a pet?
No.  Oriental Garden Makati does not allow pets in any of its units.

How long a lease do I have to sign?
Our minimum term is Three (3) months (renewable )

How much refundable security deposit do I have to give?
Your refundable security deposit will be an amount equal to two (2) month’s rent less all the deductibles.

Do you provide air conditioning in your units?
Yes.  All our units are airconditioned but of course if you choose for the bare one, it doesn’t have any.

Is maid service available?
Yes. Maid services covers basic cleaning and general cleaning. See Services

Are maintenance people on call 24 hours a day?
Yes. You just have to call the lobby guard and the lobby guard will call the maintenance people for you.

Is there any smoke detectors and do they work?
Yes, there is and it definitely works.



Can you pay my bills?
Yes.  But we charge messengerial fee of Php275.00

There is a leak on my lavatory what can you do about this?
We have to call the maintenance for that because its their job.

May I wash my car in my parking slot?
No.   Oriental Garden do not give any permission to wash cars to prevent inconvenience to other tenants.

When I moved in, I signed a 12 month lease. I have decided to move before my lease has expired. What are my obligations since the lease has not expired?
You are breaking your lease. As stated in your contract your are responsible to pay rent on that unit until the end of your lease term.  Stated in the contract that if you preterminate your lease, your security deposit will be forfeited.

What will prevent me from getting my security deposit back?
Pretermination of your lease and any unpaid bills and damages you incure in the unit.

What if I do not wish to renew my tenancy, but require additional time to vacate the premises when my tenancy expires?
In this instance, you can submit an application for an extension of stay and you will be charged for the number of days you extend.

I want some improvements / alterations on the unit, can i make it?
You cannot make any major structural changes, alterations or improvements in the unit without the written consent of the unit owner. Any major alterations or improvements you made or introduced upon prior approval from the unit owner shall automatically inure to the benefit of the said unit and become the property of the owner without any obligation on the latter’s part to refund its value or cost.

I have a small business and I want to use my unit as an office, is it possible?
NO.  The condominium unit subject of this Contract, shall be used exclusively for residential purpose only and for no  other purpose except upon the written consent of the unit owner.  Any tenant is not allowed to sublease the condominium unit and is for the sole use of the LESSEE only.  Transient visitors must be limited to TWO (2) persons  only and shall be allowed to stay for not more than FOUR (4) days.  Violation of this provision shall automatically terminate this Contract of Lease and shall subject you to penalty.

My parents wants to stay with my family, can two families live in the unit?
No.   There is a restriction that only four people can occupy a unit and it is stated on the contract of lease

Is sub-leasing allowed?
No.  Sub-leasing is strictly prohibited and it is a strong ground for lease termination.

What happens if I accidentally break an appliance?
If that happens you have to pay for it or deduct the amount on your security deposit.

If you did not find your answer in these FAQ’s, please contact us, and we will provide answers to any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can.