Synergy Leasing Management Services, as a company began operations in Oriental Gardens Makati exactly on May 3, 2005 . Ever since that faithful day, we have been making life easier for many unit owners of Oriental Gardens Makati by helping them handle the crucial activities pertaining to the leasing and management of each unit on behalf of each individual unit owner on a professional basis, matching owners with tenants with the best unit that fits their lifestyle.  We pride ourselves by bringing smiles of satisfaction to both unit owners and tenants.

For over 5 years, dedication to providing the best in leasing management services has earned the company a superlative reputation among the hundreds of clients it has served. The cornerstone of that reputation is good working relationships with owners and tenants in Oriental Gardens Makati and has directly contributed to maintaining the quality, image and most importantly, the market value of the overall building.  Both the unit owners and tenants appreciate Synergy’s swift response to questions, suggestions, execution of pertinent actions and requests with a “personal touch.”

Each and every member of our staff is dedicated to provide professional and courteous assistance, which our clients have come to expect from us. Our commitment has remained the same…  “We provide the SUPPORT you need and the SERVICE you can count on!”

Company Objective

Our objective as a company is to help individual unit owners achieve their goal by reliably finding them tenants and extending a helping hand by applying an efficient and organized leasing management practices and standards to ensure better tenancy, minimizing the owner’s inconvenience while maximizing and maintaining both the income and overall property value.

Company Commitments

To Unit Owners, we ensure high level of integrity and care without compromising quality of service thus preserving the value of their investment;

To Our Clients, we strive to establish smooth transactions between clients and unit owners through efficient and open channel of communication amongst both parties; promoting a reliable, trustworthy engagement between lessors and lessees through regular open and transparent communication.  This particular practice often leads to a high level of confidence between all parties.  Therefore, it is not surprising that we receive a high amount of referrals from existing clients.

To Our Employees, we provide a challenging work environment with continuous emphasis on training and self reflection; we believe that the combination of training and self reflection often provides employees a chance to self evaluate thus leading to growth and enhancement of their capabilities and performance.

To Our Supporting Brokers, we act as a convenient business partner, readily available to support them and their client in a flexible and reasonable manner in terms of their client’s accommodation needs.  Most importantly, we provide you a fair and adequate compensation for their efforts.

Company Values

Customer Satisfaction, It is our top priority to anticipate potential problems before they arise, therefore we constantly allocate our resources to efficiently resolve such matters before problems occur.

Integrity, We adhere to a high standard of values and transparency in conducting business.  Our only product is our service.  We sign our name to that service, and take pride in knowing that we are providing excellent value.

Professionalism, We dedicate and commit ourselves to our work in the best of our ability and resources.